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Friends Of The Ledges

The Ledges on Harriman Reservoir in Wilmington Vermont has been a destination for nude swimming & recreation for generations. This property is presently owned by the Pacific Gas and Electric National Energy Group. The particular part of the shoreline where nudity is an accepted practice, is on a group of rock jutting into the water, hence “the Ledges” nickname.  It is frequented by a large variety of visitors, drawing mainly from all over New England. The natural beauty of this unencumbered shoreline coupled with a range of mountains belonging to the Green Mountain forest, provides a soothing backdrop to whatever your activity; from swimming and canoeing to picnicking or hiking.

Generations of visitors have had the opportunity to enjoy this peaceful and tranquil setting. It is not unusual to see families enjoying this location as well as couples and singles. The Ledges is policed by its own most frequent visitors who monitor activities as to what is and is not appropriate behavior. Since naturists tend to be very considerate and friendly people, an atmosphere of comradery and easy-going makes even a first time visitor feel comfortable.

Summer weekends are the busiest time. Get there early if you wish to have a parking spot. There are two levels of parking to the right as you enter the park, available from Memorial day through Columbus day. Be aware of the fact that the parking lot adjoins a textile area, so DO NOT remove your clothing until you’ve reached the designated nude area.  A well-worn path with a slight incline along the water’s edge brings one to the nudist area. As you approach,  signs on trees will indicate nudity from that point on.  It is also possible to reach the Ledges area by water, as there are many boat access points around the reservoir. During the park’s off-season, many visitors will hike in to enjoy the seasonal beauty and awe-inspiring sunsets.

Please be considerate of others and nature! This is a carry in, carry out facility. Please pick up any litter you see. Radios and binoculars are discouraged. Porta-potties are available near the parking area.

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